Made in America from Real Wood Custom Kitchen Cabinets and Island Cabinet with Granite Tops
Maple, Mahogany, Oak, Black Walnut, Alder
Wood Doctor Custom Cabinets
Prefinished Custom Cabinets
Over the John or Toilet cabinet

Here at The Wood Doctor we've always been family oriented. Putting out big jobs as a small team isn't always easy but we complete the task every time and our customers are always satisfied. Despite our facility size and location changing over the last 23 years, our employee population has hovered at three to five employees total. Quality control is best in a small communication chain environment and this is important in custom cabinetry & woodworking because everything is made to exact dimension according to your requirements. We take pride in our work and strive to put out quality products to you, the customer. 

Showroom photos

130 bottle capacity wine rack
Inset Doors & Drawers in Showroom at The Wood Doctor